AIR has issued an asset-based NFT for QOAH.

NFT Mining Contract

  • 395 trillion $AIR was to be distributed to the Qualified Old AIR Holders(QOAH).

  • Every QOAH will receive an NFT.

  • Every QOAH can claim less than 1% $AIR from a lock smart contract every month.

  • The release ratio of the first 12 months is 1% per month, and the release ratio will behalf every 12 months.

How to mine AIR token with AIRNFT?

Open the AIRNFT Mining Contract address.

Connet your wallet.

Click the "Connect to Web3" button to connect your wallet

Claim the AIR token.

Click the "Write" button of the "claim" method to get the AIR token.

QOAH address list

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