What’s the Congress?

Congress is the final judge of the AirCash system.

If someone is not satisfied with the witness, congress will join to be a final judgment.

Congress will protect trustworthy traders and unprejudiced Witnesses and punish the scammers.

Why joining AirCash Congress?

AirCash Congress is the final trust of the system.

Congress means the final trust of AirCash.

Trust Congress means to trust the AirCash product, and more and more users will join us.

Do not trust Congress means not trust the AirCash product, and more and more users will abandon us.

Be an unprejudiced congress member is profitable.

An unprejudiced Congress member will earn 10 million AIR after dealing with one appeal.

How to join the Congress?

There will be no more than 5 Congress members.

Every Congress member needs a mortgage of more than 1 trillion AIR.

Phase 1: Volunteer Congress

The 5 members of the first congress were directly designated by the Community Volunteers.

Phase 2: DAO Congress

When the DAO system is finished, we will start the Congress election.

Elections will be held every 6 months, and 5 new members of congress will be elected.

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