What is the official AirCash website?


What’s the difference?

AirCash is a smart-contract-based OTC platform, It’s deployed on Binance Smart Chain(BSC).

It's easy to use

You don’t need any exchange anymore.

Just buy and sell crypto with fiat money in your wallet.

It's anonymous

No KYC anymore, no accounts anymore, no personal information anymore.

It's secure and private

Traders get in touch through a peer-to-peer instant messager.

No one knows the details of your trading.

It's decentralized and Auto-governance through DAO.

All trading takes place on the blockchain.

There is no company and boss but a smart contract.

It's auto-governance through a DAO system.

What about privacy?

We have built a peer-to-peer instant messager system.

All the messages were stored on the devices of you and the recipient.

No one knows the details of your trading.

How to prevent money laundering?

You have the right to ask for evidence to prove that his money is legal.

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