How to join the Testnet?

Download MetaMask

Download Google Chrom or firefox.

Chrome ( Firefox (


Example: Install MetaMask in chrome browser

Open The link:


Note: Make sure it’s offered by

Click on “Add to Chrome”

That’s it!

You have successfully installed the MetaMask extension in Chrome!


The workflow is the same for all browsers

Create an account in MetaMask for Binance Smart Chain(BSC)

Click the “Create a wallet” button.

Create a password of at least 8 characters.

Click on “Create” and then write down your backup phrase.

Select each phrase to make sure it is correct then click “Confirm”.

Congratulations! you have created your MetaMask account!

Connect Your MetaMask With Binance Smart Chain(BSC)

Go to the setting page

Add a new network

BSC Testnet


Claim Testnet BNB

Go to the faucet page:, then paste your address in the box and click “Give me BNB”.

Claim Testnet AIR,USDT,USDC,BUSD Token

Click “Add Token”

Choose “Custom Token” and copy the contract address in the box.

  • AIR CA:0xA5EB39909b78DFEC38d0C7D0F8FAEFA9024A66CE

  • USDT CA:0xdc0A509A12e6d2ae77c9029b9D2eE39F170f3C50

  • USDC CA:0x4c9663e7DFd6d45532Cb62b3c6505D7A80F54B61

  • BUSD CA:0xad4994e160aE70b60E8f2eebc0Eb0c2AD515738C

Click “Add Tokens”

Send your wallet address to the Discord channel. You will receive Testnet AIR, USDT, USDC, and BUSD soon. (Pending)

Submit New Issue on Github.

If you find any problem, please submit a new issue on Github.

If your issue is helpful, you will get AIR tokens for reward.

Click the "New issue" button.

Click the "Submit new issue" button.