The AirCash System is governed by a decentralized community of AIR token holders who propose and vote on upgrades to the AirCash system.

Governance Forum

Participate by proposing upgrades and discussing the future of the AirCash System.


We will fork snapshot to build an off-chain governance system.

Snapshot is a simple voting interface that allows users to signal sentiment off-chain. Votes on Snapshot are weighted by the number of tokens delegated to the address used to vote.

Snapshot: https://snapshot.org AirCash Governance Link: https://gov.aircash.finance(Pending)

Governance Glossary


A BEP20 token that designates the weight of a user's voting rights.

The more $AIR a user has in their wallet, the more weight their delegation or vote on a proposal holds.


$AIR holders cannot vote or create proposals until they delegate their voting rights to an address.

Note that delegation does not lock tokens; it simply adds votes to the chosen delegation address.


A proposal is an executable code that modifies the governance contract or treasury.

In order to create a proposal, a user must have at least 10 billion $AIR.

All proposals are subject to a 7-day voting period.

If the proposer does not maintain their vote weight balance throughout the voting period, the proposal may be canceled by anyone.


In order for a vote to pass, it must achieve a quorum of 50 trillion AIR holders voting in the affirmative.

The purpose of the quorum is to ensure that pass have adequate voter participation.


Users can vote for or against single proposals once they have voting rights delegated to their address.

Votes can be cast while a proposal is in the "Active" state.

If the majority of votes ( a quorum of 50 trillion AIR) vote for a proposal, the proposal may be queued in the UpgadeList.

Voting Period

Once a proposal has been put forward, the AIR holders will have a 7 day period (the Voting Period) to vote.


All governance and administrative actions are required to sit in the UpgadeList to be implemented.

Proposal Execution

The development team will execute the proposals in UpgadeList one by one.


Phase 1: Simple Proposal — Forum/AirCashGov

Phase 2: Consensus Proposal — Forum/AirCashGov

Phase 3: Governance Proposal — AirCashGov

Guide to Proposing & Voting